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Captivating stories with unforgettable adventures


Once upon a time there was…
…a good story.

What is it particularly good at?
Captivating, inspiring and casting a spell on people.

Breathe life into your brand in a playful way – with individual stories about your company’s success story or USPs. Written & implemented by people who love stories as much as Hansel & Gretel love nibbling on the gingerbread house.

Open, read, (play), be happy!

FUNtastic adventures in a (puzzle) book

You decide how and with what emotional intensity you want to equip your customisable “Adventures in a book”:
from a simple story appetiser to a more extensive story & puzzle game sequence to the complete “Deluxe menu” with the Adventures in a box“.

You choose – we implement!
With a lot of love, imagination and heart sense.

Formate story in a book
Kinder lesen in einem Adventures in the book-Buch

Future-proof human resources management with the fun factor!

  • Exciting, individualised adventure stories for all topics of your brand message, your staff members become your ambassadors!
  • Complete development of your story or puzzle book – from concept creation to graphic implementation!
  • Your brand characters who interact with your readers in captivating adventures centred around your company.
  • Professional texts & illustrations turn your story into a “round story”

Facts & Figures



  • 16 pages incl. story tailored to your company, its theme or your company’s philosophy with individual puzzles, games or creative tasks
  • all illustrations
  • entire graphic
  • Quality check by a pedagogically trained team
  • Proofreading
  • Project management
  • Provision of data in print quality

Price: € 11,900.00

Price excl. printing costs (printing possible on request) & excl. VAT.

Story in a book
Zickzack blau

Story excitement and puzzle game adrenaline arise in your (future) employees by:

Creativity: folding, painting, handicrafts, etc.
Science: puzzles, experiments, knowledge, etc.
Movement: activity games, health, etc.

Boredom is guaranteed to be off the air!

More tools for human relations instead of human resources

Adventures in a box

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Adventures to go

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