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Our 5-star menu for you


STORYTELLING DELUXE for everyone for whom only the best is good enough:

Our „Adventures in a box“ adventure- & game cases are qualified first-aiders when it comes to emotional guest loyalty..
And an ideal secret hiding place for your USPs and stories about your hotel, your destination or your region!

The joy of playful storytelling gautomatically achieves its peak form!

Unpack - enjoy - farewell to boredom!

Small box - big adventures

Let it melt in your mouth: customizable stories, sprinkled with playful ideas for indoor and/or outdoors, garnished with the necessary accessories, , seasoned with funtastic stories and all of that in one great box.

You won’t find a simpler recipe for carefree animation!

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The perfect holiday companion as a giveaway

Spiel- & Erlebniskoffer Adventures in a box
  • Carefree animation for young & old
  • Expand your reach into the living room of your target group with your adventures. hinein
  • Emotional storytelling sustainably connects the player with narrator
  • Individualization of the story / themes, puzzles, illustrations according to your wishes
  • Professional texts & illustrations by authors & graphic artists
  • Expansion of the story possible, as well as special printing on the cases
  • Different versions, e.g. different languages, regions or themes

Facts & Figures

Adventures in a box by Playcific!

Kinder öffnen Spiel- & Erlebniskoffer Adventures in a box
Beispiel eines Inhalts der Adventures in a box
Mädchen spielen ein Spiel aus dem Ferienkoffer Adventures in a box

MATERIAL: Case made of high-quality, robust cardboard

TARGET GROUPS: Families with children from 4 years, teenagers & adults

DESIGN: Professional texts & illustrations by authors & graphic artists


  • Carefree (kids)animation before, during & and after their stay.
  • Perfect implementation of your individual USPs in an exciting, diverse game centered around your destination.
  • 6 – 12 different animation contents for indoors & outdoors
  • Introductory letter, game booklets, handicraft materials, etc.
  • All game and handicraft materials are adapted to your wishes
  • Expansion possible at any time through our downloadable Adventures to go games

VARIANTS of our "Adventures in a box"


Kinder öffnen Adventures in a box Erlebnis- und Spielekoffer

6 animation contents

16-page game booklet


offener Spiel- und Erlebniskoffer Adventures in a box

9 animation contents

24-page game booklet


Kinder spielen mit den Inhalten aus Adventures in a box

12 animation contents

32-page game booklet

Our exciting ingredients for adventures deluxe:

CREATIVITY: folding, painting, crafting…

SCIENCE: puzzles, experiments…

MOVEMENT: activity games, health…

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Example of prices

Example: Game & puzzle booklet DIN A5, with staple binding, 300g cover and 170g pages, picture print in 4 colour printing
excl. VAT – prices subject to change without notice

600 – 1,000 pieces: € 14,90 (S) / € 21,90 (M)/ 28,90 (L) p. Pcs.

1,001 – 1,500 pieces: € 12,90 (S)/ € 18,90 (M) / € 25,90 (L) p. Pcs.

1,501 – 2,500 pieces: € 10,90 (S)/ € 14,90 (M) / € 21,90 (L) p. Pcs.

from 10,001 pieces: € 8,90 (S) / € 12,90 (M) / € 16,90 (L) p. Pcs.

More FUNtastic ideas...

…to be remembered long after the holiday is over!


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