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Present your company to young talents!

Information, fun & knowledge - all in one box!

Our “Adventures in a box” cases are trained first aiders in matters of emotional corporate communication.
And an ideal secret hiding place for a wide variety of creative ideas, adventures and stories.
Playfully packaged, professionally implemented.

The joy of playful storytelling automatically reaches its peak!

Beyond boredom!

This way you can be at the forefront of the competition for talent!

There’s no chance of monotony:
Your individualised story, decorated with ideas for indoors and/or outdoors, adorned with the necessary accessories, completed with funtastic stories – and all packed in a beautiful box.

Information about your company has never been packed faster than with our Adventures in a box!

Anton Illustration mit drehendem Windrad
Welle blau
Spiel- & Erlebniskoffer Adventures in a box
Ferienkoffer kinder greifen hinein

Unforgettable adventures for potential employees!

  • Multiplication effect through informal and playful getting to know your company philosophy.
  • Individualisation of story and content according to your wishes!
  • Varied game content with all the accessories to start the fun about your company right out of the box.
  • Start interacting with future apprentices, talents and existing employees! Emotional storytelling sustainably connects players with narrators.
  • Extensions to the story are possible at any time.

Facts & Figures

Playcific Adventures in a box

MATERIAL: Case made of high-quality, robust cardboard.

TARGET GROUPS: Families with children from 4 years, teenagers & adults.

DESIGN: Complete development of your adventure box by PLAYCIFIC – from concept creation to artistic realisation!


– Perfect implementation of your individual brand message in an exciting, varied game all about your brand

6 – 12 different animation contents possible for indoors & outdoors

– Starting letter, game booklets, handicraft materials, etc.

– all game & craft materials adapted to your wishes

– Extension possible at any time with our Adventures to GO to download & print out

Kinder öffnen Spiel- & Erlebniskoffer Adventures in a box
Beispiel eines Inhalts der Adventures in a box
Mädchen spielen ein Spiel aus dem Ferienkoffer Adventures in a box



Kinder öffnen Adventures in a box Erlebnis- und Spielekoffer

6 animation content

16-page game booklet


offener Spiel- und Erlebniskoffer Adventures in a box

9 animation content

24-page booklet


Kinder spielen mit den Inhalten aus Adventures in a box

12 animation content

32-page game booklet

The only thing that helps against monotony is

CREATIVITY: Folding, painting, handicrafts,…

SCIENCE: puzzles, experiments, …

MOVEMENT: activity games, health, …

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Example of prices

Example: Game & puzzle booklet DIN A5, with staple binding, 300g cover and 170g pages, picture print in 4 colour printing
excl. VAT – prices subject to change without notice

600 – 1,000 pieces: € 14.90 (S) / € 21.90 (M)/ € 28.90 (L) p. pc.

1,001 – 1,500 pieces: € 12.90 (S)/ € 18.90 (M)/ € 25.90 (L) p. pc.

1,501 – 2,000 pieces: € 11.90 (S)/ € 16.90 (M) / € 21.90 (L) p. pc.

from 10,001 pieces: € 8.90 (S) / € 12.90 (M) / € 16.90 (L) p. pc.

Talent Game made easy!

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